Pops Of Color: Yellow Time

I thought I might just start a new series called “Pops of Color” where I style certain colored items. Tell me what you think and give some color requests down below!


Yellow is a really hard color to pair with, it’s so vibrant and will just scream for attention but no fear, my favorite pair is here: blue and yellow. It is honestly one of my favorite color combinations and you can try the yellow pants and the blue top or the other way around. Complementary colors right? Always trust the color wheel.

Yellow is also so easily paired with brown and tan (analogous colors with yellow). I personally recommend taking these browns and tans into the accessories. Brown leather sandals and wedges, leopard print flats, cute brown leather bracelet are all amazing pairs with your perfect yellow pants. For more fun colors, turquoise can add just that dash of fun into the situation. 

That is all for today’s “Pop’s of Color”. I think I may make this a weekly segment? I don’t know. Tell me what you think.

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I’ll see you tomorrow.

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Wardrobe Favorites: My 10 Fashion Must Haves

Hey guys. Today I’m bringing you the 10 most versatile and basic elements in a wardrobe. They are all so essential to the styling process and where would be without them. Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing you the 10 most versatile and basic accessories. Enjoy! 
  1. Little Black Dress: we all know about this one! Find a dress that can be worn casually, formally and to the office. This item is one of the most versatile pieces and don’t forget about it!
  2. Skirt: Any skirt that is knee-length (from lower thigh to top of knees) is a good thing to have as it is not only a good option in the hot weather but also make for a great layering piece into the colder months (put some tights on and boots and we’re set!)
  3. Dark Wash Jeans: This is one of the most important staples in anyone’s wardrobe as it flatters everyone.
  4. Black Pants: Whether it be leggings or pixie pants or a pair of basic slacks, this item is very important for the office or as a something simple to go under your shirt/blouse.
  5. Basic White T-shirt: The basic top that you can layer on top of. I mean, what is a house without a foundation right?
  6. Simple Blouse: It is often essential to dress up an outfit for a smart casual-formal outfit and the best way to do with is with a good blouse. You can also take it into the casual by using it as a layering piece on top of your t-shirt.
  7. Leather Jacket: The best fashion investment you’ll ever make. Go for a real leather piece for a longer life. I’ve had mine for 3 years now and it’s still going strong. It’s perfect because you can just chuck it on top of any outfit and it just looks amazing. 
  8. Blazer: The best way to look chic and pulled together is with a good blazer. Another item that will stick with your. You can wear it out, you can wear it on some errands to look fashionable, and you can wear it to school/work. It can go on top of jeans, slacks, a dress… Anything. A staple piece yet again.
  9. Cardigan: In early spring or autumn, the temperature is frequently chilly but not quite chilly enough for a leather jacket or heavy knitwear, will the cardigan is the perfect in between. Something that can be layered and used endlessly, cardigans are a perfect choice
  10. Shorts: You can never go wrong with a pair of shorts especially in the summertime. You can use shorts as interchangeably as your jeans in the hotter months.

That is all for my post today. I hope you liked it. What are some of your fashion must haves? Tell me in the comments below.

Much love and see you tomorrow.

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HOW TO: Style Mint Jeans

One of the HOTTEST trends right now is the mint jean. I know, how stupid does that sound, one clothing item takes up a WHOLE trend. But it is, and I’ve been getting questions on styling mint (well, pastel colors in general) pants so I thought, well I bet you heaps of people on the outernet are wondering the same thing because it’s something that you don’t expect. So I went onto polyvore and I made a little collage (I went a little crazy) to embody my main tips. 🙂 ENJOY!



Now there is nothing trendier than combining trends, right? So why not combine the pastel color trend with color blocking? Mint jeans will look amazing with other pastel tops and shoes. Think pastel pink/corals and pastel yellows. Check out that awesome scarf that has a mixture of pastel colors (that would look awesome on those mint jeans and a white top!). And coral shoes! So pretty. Mixing “prints” is also in so if you have a polka dot mint skirt, maybe wear it with a lacey white top?


Now pastels look amazing with floral, especially for the spring and summer time. Wear your mint jeans with a floral top. I personally think the best floral top to go with these pants is the navy background shirt with small floral print instead of big flowers. You can also take the floral to the shoes or on a scarf (I just love scarves!)


This mint green jean looks amazing this a dull pink shirt or a dull blue sweater. The complementary colors of of pink and green will make your outfit look effortlessly put together. Want to quieten the loud mint green? Pair it with a dull blue sweater. The analogous color will soften the brightness and spread it through the outfit. Want to wear mint jeans in autumn? Pair it with a tan sweater!

Favorite Outfits of this Set:

– White blazer, sheer dull pink shirt, MINT JEANS and the light floral shoes

– Dull blue sweater, MINT JEANS and dull pink cork wedges

– Coral and white striped shirt, MINT JEANS and white cork wedges

Yay! Haha. I hope this post helped. 🙂

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Thanks so much for reading and see you tomorrow.

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