Hey guys. Long time no see but I’m back!!! And hopefully I can get my blogging back on track but I’ve just gotten so bogged down with work and procrastinating but here’s a mini-haul/review from me!

NARS Lip-Gloss in “Sweet Revenge”


I absolutely adore this lip gloss that I picked up the other day. I’m completely a lipstick girl because I hate that sticky feeling you get when you wear lipgloss but I don’t have that problem with NARS lip-glosses at all and this is just such a natural-looking flattering color. I love it!




NARS Blush in “Super Orgasm”


I picked up this blush last month and I’ve been wearing it EVERY time I decide to wear makeup and I just adore it. It complements my skintone so well. Definitely my favorite blush ever!


Essie Nail Polish in…



These are the first Essie nail polishes I’ve acquired but I can already say that I love them. They have really good formulation and they don’t streak! The brush size is just right. I love them!

“Not Just a Pretty Face”

Image Image

I have this on right now and I’ll have to say I adore this color!



“Mint Candy Apple”



So that is all for my haul. I hope you liked it.

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Until next time, Adios 🙂

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I Got Those Kissable Lips ;) (MAC’s Viva Glam V Review)

For the longest time I’ve been in the desperate search for the perfect nude lippy. Every girl needs one of those! I’ve tried the pricy-er Guerlain, I’ve tried Revlon, I’ve tried Bobbi Brown, but nothing was doing it for me. Nothing was really making me think “Yes! This is the one!”People who know me know that I can be very very particular and “anal”(retentive) about things and with lipstick colors, my OCD side takes a whirl.

I’m usually a fan of the bold lip if I bother to wear lipstick. I already have rather “heavily” pigmented lips thanks to genetics and youth, so I always had the mentality that if I’d bother with a nude lip, it’d better be good. So you’d usually see me sporting MAC’s Ruby Woo (a ferocious red) or Guerlain’s Rouge G in Berry (B20) (a fuchsia pink). At Christmas last year, I decided to invest my money in Guerlain’s Rouge G in Beatrix (B60) and I was slightly disappointed. The brilliant baby pink looked so appealing as a swatch, on my hand and I was so flattered by the man at the Guerlain counter that I lay down that $AUD 48 and went happily home. As soon as I started wearing it, I could see an issue. The color payoff on my lips were not the way they were in the store. You couldn’t see much at all. It was a strange cool pink that didn’t complement my rather tanned, olive and warm skintone at all. And worst of all, the formula was so sticky! Uck! The main reason why I avoid lip-glosses like they’re acne or the bubonic plague!

So it wasn’t until april this year that I decided I might brave the nude lippy again. So off I charged to the MAC counter. The MUA there was one of the loveliest ladies I’ve met. She actually said that “we won’t rest until we find that perfect lipstick” and hell we did. With MAC’s collection, though, it took a while. Try this one. No not the right colour. How about this one? Too pink. How about this one? Too glossy. Here you go. Oh my god that’s horrible on me. And this? Too brown. And finally she declared, “I know the perfect one for you.”

So off she charged. When she came back, in her waving hand was a back tube with a red ring instead of silver. I was intrigued. So on the lip it went. And Oh My Mother Of God! It was so perfect. The color and the reflects were perfect. It wasn’t too pink, nor too nude. It was a really lovely plumb-y colour that shows up really nicely on my lips. They were like my lips but better.

Even better than that is the story behind this lippy. It belongs to the MAC Viva Glam range which was started in 1994. The best thing about this lipstick is that all the money you pay (all of it, not 5%, not 50% but 100%) goes the MAC AIDS Fund which has supported men and women with HIV/AIDS for 18 years. Million dollars has been raised through the 6 Viva Glam lipsticks on the market, making this lipstick not only amazing quality, a fantastic nude lipstick, but also guilt free.

Definitely something I recommend and rebuy. So if you want a nude lippy, and you have $AUD 36 to spare, go and buy the MAC Viva Glam V. Let’s save the world one tube at a time.

I hope you liked this review and have found it helpful.

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Thank you very much, and see you tomorrow 🙂