Hey guys. Long time no see but I’m back!!! And hopefully I can get my blogging back on track but I’ve just gotten so bogged down with work and procrastinating but here’s a mini-haul/review from me!

NARS Lip-Gloss in “Sweet Revenge”


I absolutely adore this lip gloss that I picked up the other day. I’m completely a lipstick girl because I hate that sticky feeling you get when you wear lipgloss but I don’t have that problem with NARS lip-glosses at all and this is just such a natural-looking flattering color. I love it!




NARS Blush in “Super Orgasm”


I picked up this blush last month and I’ve been wearing it EVERY time I decide to wear makeup and I just adore it. It complements my skintone so well. Definitely my favorite blush ever!


Essie Nail Polish in…



These are the first Essie nail polishes I’ve acquired but I can already say that I love them. They have really good formulation and they don’t streak! The brush size is just right. I love them!

“Not Just a Pretty Face”

Image Image

I have this on right now and I’ll have to say I adore this color!



“Mint Candy Apple”



So that is all for my haul. I hope you liked it.

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Until next time, Adios 🙂

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On the Radio

People nowadays may not listen to the radio anymore…

I listen to Nova969 whenever I'm in the car! Haha. And sometimes, when I need to study for french, I listen to french radio.

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Oh? You’re not perfect? But… How? You look it.

How to fake the PERFECT facial structure.

1. Bronzer- Choose a bronzer that is darker than your actual color. Use your brush to draw a 3 on the right side of your face, and a backwards 3 on the left side. Start at the top of the forehead by the hairline, move down to the cheek, in toward the nose, and down just above the chin. You want to focus on the “hollows of your cheek” to make it look like you have high cheekbones. Make sure you blend out because you do NOT want to have the most obvious dark line on your face!!!

2. Highlighter- Highlighters are meant to draw attention to areas that light would naturally hit your face. You want to dab some highlighter below your eye brow arch, just above the apple of your cheek, and down the center of your nose.

3. Blush- Smile, and use a brush to dab blush onto the apple of your cheek, and apply upward toward the hairline. This will make you cheeks stand out against the contouring of the bronzer and the highlighter, giving the allusion of perfection.



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Nine Ways to Drink More Water!!!

I think you may remember that a few weeks ago about how I do not drink enough water and some really simple advice on how to do it. But this is the extended version:

1) Determine how much you need to drink: 1 liquid ounce for every 2 pounds that you weight.

2) Measure your intake of water and if it is consistently less than the required amount, follow the following steps.

3) Try having something that alerts you at the beginning of each hour. Use that as a reminder to pour yourself a cup of water. Then vow to yourself that you will finish that water before the next hour. 

4) Add something to your water that will make it taste better to you: strawberries, limes, lemons etc. In winter, consider having warm water with lemons as this will keep you warm and detox.

5) Eat water-rich foods like watermelon (which is 92% water by weight)! Cranberries and tomatoes are other great water-rich foods. 

6) Purchase a bottle the size of your water goal that you determined in step 1 and carry it around with you.

7) Drink just water for a week and it will get easier and easier to improve your water intake. 





My favorite book EVER has been turned into a movie starring Logan Lerman (drool) and Emma Watson (squeal). I’m actually so excited.


What about you? What are you looking forward to this year?


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See You Tomorrow

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Taking suggestions!


One of the first pics I took right after landing in Athens on my first trip to Europe (amazing)! Symbolism?

Hey guys. I’ve had this blog for a tiny while now and I’m actually so so so THRILLED by all of the amazing positive feedback that I’ve gotten back from you guys. Thank you so much. So here’s me saying that you’re amazing.

This blog is still in its birth stages and down below in the comments section, feel free to ask anything that you’d like to know about be (obviously it has to be appropriate) and any post requests that you may have for me.

Again, thanks so much. I’m so grateful.


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See You tomorrow

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Oh Dear Life!

Hey guys. I thought I’ll post a more “personal” post so y’all can get to know me somewhat and I love doing these types of posts. I’ve got some really great fashion posts lined up for you guys and IF you have any suggestions or whatever, PLEASE put them down below in the comments section.


Dear puppies,
Why can I not just have every single one of you? Why are you so cute? Those eyes and that playful attitude can get me any day. A game of fetch maybe?

Dear dinner parties,
Stop being so difficult to plan. Just organise yourself. The games, the food and the beverages… So. Much. Effort. 

Dear smoothies,
Oh do I wish I could have you all the time. If I could, I definitely would. But why must it be going into winter right now ? Why must it get cold? Why must you separate me from my beloved.

Dear weather,
Please make up your mind. One simply just not make up one’s mind! (Meme reference) I’m glad that you’re no longer raining (knock on wood) but why must you be sometimes hot and sometimes just so cold. I don’t want to be sick!

Dear immune system,
I like you right now. This lovely vacation you are taking makes me happy (and not feel sick all the time).

Dear school,
Urgh. I’m over you already. Just leave me alone! I broke up with you remember so stop dishing out punishment.

Dear society,
Oh please stop pressuring girls into feeling that they need to be in relationships at such a young age. It’s certainly not necessary.

Dear girls,
Have respect for yourselves and find worth in yourself. Hell do I know how hard that is, but I believe in you. You are the only you can always rely on to love yourself.

Dear love,
I guess, damn you. I realised today that if true love was easy, we’d all have it.

Dear friend(s),
Thanks for being something that will always be there for us. And seriously, stop poking me. It’s not nice and next time, I will punch you. Okay probably not. But I will be annoyed. 😛

Dear clothes/fashion,
Why is every item so amazing? Why do I lust after every item? Why is every item so expensive? I feel sad about wanting everything but never getting anything. Birthday present?

Dear old man,
Hi. I know you would like me to call you back regarding the fittings for your windows (or something). And if I were a window (or something) fitter, I would. But please stop calling me. I’m sure you’re a lovely old man who is not creepy and is in need of a window (or something) fitting but you’re making me growingly sad because I can’t help you. Oh. And my name is most certainly not Margaret (even though that is a lovely name).

Dear friend,
Please pay back that $5 that you borrowed last term that I am requesting you to return. It’s only $5, but it’s the principle of the matter.

Dear readers of this blog,
Thank you so much for your support and you’re all lovely.

Tell me in the comments what your “Oh Dear Life” things are. 🙂

Thanks again and see you all tomorrow.

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Nail Of the Day

I do realise that I should go to bed but like to nail obsesso that I am, I decided to stay up to do my nails because I went out today and bought 3 OPI polishes (because it was buy 2 get 1 free 🙂 ). 

I got You Callin’ Me a Lyre? (lovely lilac) and Care to Danse? (pretty pink) from the OPI NYC Ballet Collection and Penny for Your Thoughts (which I just put on).


Apologies for the awful quality :O

But this was not the color I was expecting but it’s really lovely all the same. Its like a light coppery metallic color. I don’t know. I like it. As with all OPI polishes, the formulation is perfect.