Nine Ways to Drink More Water!!!

I think you may remember that a few weeks ago about how I do not drink enough water and some really simple advice on how to do it. But this is the extended version:

1) Determine how much you need to drink: 1 liquid ounce for every 2 pounds that you weight.

2) Measure your intake of water and if it is consistently less than the required amount, follow the following steps.

3) Try having something that alerts you at the beginning of each hour. Use that as a reminder to pour yourself a cup of water. Then vow to yourself that you will finish that water before the next hour. 

4) Add something to your water that will make it taste better to you: strawberries, limes, lemons etc. In winter, consider having warm water with lemons as this will keep you warm and detox.

5) Eat water-rich foods like watermelon (which is 92% water by weight)! Cranberries and tomatoes are other great water-rich foods. 

6) Purchase a bottle the size of your water goal that you determined in step 1 and carry it around with you.

7) Drink just water for a week and it will get easier and easier to improve your water intake. 




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