On the Radio

People nowadays may not listen to the radio anymore…

I listen to Nova969 whenever I'm in the car! Haha. And sometimes, when I need to study for french, I listen to french radio.

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Today, I jumped on the new fashion bandwagon: rose gold jewellery. I’ve been looking for a watch for ages now and since there was a sale on, I jumped on it. 🙂


love y’all lots

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Oh? You’re not perfect? But… How? You look it.

How to fake the PERFECT facial structure.

1. Bronzer- Choose a bronzer that is darker than your actual color. Use your brush to draw a 3 on the right side of your face, and a backwards 3 on the left side. Start at the top of the forehead by the hairline, move down to the cheek, in toward the nose, and down just above the chin. You want to focus on the “hollows of your cheek” to make it look like you have high cheekbones. Make sure you blend out because you do NOT want to have the most obvious dark line on your face!!!

2. Highlighter- Highlighters are meant to draw attention to areas that light would naturally hit your face. You want to dab some highlighter below your eye brow arch, just above the apple of your cheek, and down the center of your nose.

3. Blush- Smile, and use a brush to dab blush onto the apple of your cheek, and apply upward toward the hairline. This will make you cheeks stand out against the contouring of the bronzer and the highlighter, giving the allusion of perfection.



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Nine Ways to Drink More Water!!!

I think you may remember that a few weeks ago about how I do not drink enough water and some really simple advice on how to do it. But this is the extended version:

1) Determine how much you need to drink: 1 liquid ounce for every 2 pounds that you weight.

2) Measure your intake of water and if it is consistently less than the required amount, follow the following steps.

3) Try having something that alerts you at the beginning of each hour. Use that as a reminder to pour yourself a cup of water. Then vow to yourself that you will finish that water before the next hour. 

4) Add something to your water that will make it taste better to you: strawberries, limes, lemons etc. In winter, consider having warm water with lemons as this will keep you warm and detox.

5) Eat water-rich foods like watermelon (which is 92% water by weight)! Cranberries and tomatoes are other great water-rich foods. 

6) Purchase a bottle the size of your water goal that you determined in step 1 and carry it around with you.

7) Drink just water for a week and it will get easier and easier to improve your water intake.