Bikinis Just For You

The summer has come for those of us in the northern hemisphere so here is a guide to the perfect swimsuit for you.

If you’re not as embellished in the top:


Try ruffles and fringes and embellishments because they will create the optical illusion of more volume up there.

Go for the obvious padding.

Try the triangle tops because they draw attention to that area.

Horizontal stripes will make it appear as if your are better adorned.


If you’re back end is bigger:


Try for some bottoms with rings to keep them on your hips, hiding that extra you have.

Boy shorts will ward off any potential wedgies and will still show you off.

Try for a deeper neckline to draw attention upwards.

Go for a darker colored bottoms to slim you down and avoid small patterns on the bottom to avoid any extra attention that widen your hips.


If you’re rather busty:


The v-neck will be very flattering, drawing the nice amount of attention chest-ward while elongating your figure and minimising the fullness.

Go for a thick halter neck as it will flatter and secure them.

If you’re well adorned, underwires are your new best friend, do not forget about them

Try one with a wide supportive band. For your busty girls, support is the most important thing!


So that is all for this post. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

See you tomorrow

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