Nail Update!

Nail Update!

Hey guys. I know that my posts have been looking rather bleak and photoless… I’m sorry! But I seem to have misplaced my SD card for my camera so that’s not exactly a happy story. HOWEVER, my iPhone is still cracking and you can follow me on Instagram (florentinafiori) and see my OOTDs and other stuff!
I’ll definitely be posting OOTDs up on this blog (obviously) but I seem to be lacking a normal floor mirror so once I get that, they will be popping up!
So on my nails for the past week was a nice mint nail polish (Gua—– Green Grape by OPI (the name escapes me)) but today I decided to change because the mint is more springy, and now that i’m back in a country that is more autumn (or fall) -y, I decided to go that way. Now, I dont know about you but I’m not the hugest fan of just dark (black or navy) nails on every nail all the time. It’s too boring for me so i POPPED that up with some BRIGHT scarlet red! And right now, color blocking of complementary colors (I think that’s what they’re called) is really in so why not take that to nails right?

Please tell me what you think down below!
The colors are: Light my Sapphire and Red my Fortune Cookie (both by OPI)


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