My Organisational Mania: Sticky Notes

Something that I’ve found with myself over the past… while… now… I am OBSESSED with sticky notes, I use it everywhere for everything. It’s an amazing way to keep up with reminders and do “to do lists” and draw attention to things and make notes on things in a much simpler manner and so much more. They are just amazing! And over the past term (JUST ONE TERM!) I’ve almost used up 3 pads of post-it notes. *shakes head*

So to re-stock-up, I went to Kikki-K today to get this new adhesive set (because they’re having a sale), and aren’t they so cute? They’re a lot different from the run-of-the-mill post-it notes with their interesting colours and shapes. What do you think about them?

You might not be able to tell but the one in the top left corner is a GORGEOUS pastel mint colour. Haha.

This is also a testing of posting by email….


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